Tea & Tarot | October Oracle 2019

Brightest blessings and thank you for joining me here at Poet’s Practical Magick.

For those of you who are new to my website, welcome, it’s lovely to meet you.  My name is Poet Moonsong and I am an intuitive empath and experienced practicing grey witch.

Today’s post is the first in the Tea & Tarot series; oracle card readings performed by myself, for you, my lovely readers.


I will be using the Favole oracle card deck by Victoria Frances.  This was my very first oracle deck and the one I have the strongest connection with.  These cards lead us to mysterious and powerful visions of the dark landscape of the mind, where shadows can bring light and magick is coloured by amaranth tears.  This is a deck of great gothic beauty, power, clarity, poetry, enchantment and dark charm.

The tea that I’ve chosen to sip for this reading is ‘Cherry’ loose leaf tea by Teacakes Of Yorkshire.  It was part of one of my past Witch Casket subscription boxes and contains black tea, cranberry pieces, blackberry leaves, rose + safflower petals, cherry oil and melatonin (responsible for the body’s internal clock and sleep/wake cycle).  It smells delicious and I’ll be drinking it out of my favourite mug!

In this reading we are going to look at what your ancestors and spirit guides want you to focus on for the upcoming month of October 2019.

So let’s begin and see which card has been drawn…

© Poet Moonsong (September 2019)

Card: WINTER REBIRTH (Confidence, Ability, Multi Tasking)

Interpretation:  The ability to look and feel confident when there is chaos around you is quite an art.  However, it shows how much you have grown as a person in the last few years.  Challenges have made you stronger and you can hold your head high and be proud of what you have achieved.  You have an air of confidence about you, others can also see this and are watching you blossom into the person you wish to be.  You are protected and connected to your higher self and this is a beautiful gift.  Learn to use this wisely and watch life expand beautifully.  There are messages all around you, open your eyes to synchronicities, spirit are talking to you and showing you the way.


Did this oracle card reading resonate with you?

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Thank you for reading.

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Poet Moonsong


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