Witchcraft 101 | The Witch’s Pentacle

Brightest blessings and thank you for joining me here at Poet’s Practical Magick.

For those of you who are new to my website, welcome, it’s lovely to meet you.  My name is Poet Moonsong and I am an intuitive empath and experienced practicing grey witch.

Today’s post is the first in the Witchcraft 101 series; information on the basics of magick and the foundation of witchcraft.


“When you wish upon a star,

Five points tell of who you are.

Wear with pride, respect is key,

As your honour it’s sanctity.”

[Barbara Meikeljohn-Free and Flavia Kate Peters]


The pentacle has long been used by witches and has become synonymous with witchcraft.  The witch has always wished for a respectful understanding between themselves and others who are unfamiliar with the Old Ways.

The five points of the pentagram (star shape) represent the five elements of earth, air, fire, water and spirit.  These five elements are thought to be essential for the sustenance of life.

The circle that surrounds the pentagram turns the shape into a pentacle.  This circle is thought to symbolise eternity and infinity and the cycle of life and nature and protects the elements within.  The circle connecting with the five points indicate that the elements are all connected.

For many witches the pentacle is a symbol of protection and some choose to wear this sacred amulet to show the world who they are and the path they have chosen to walk.  The pentacle is worn by the witch with a sense of pride and loyalty to their ancestors who were persecuted for never wavering from their commitment and truth.  Some witches also use tools depicting a pentacle as a way of protecting themselves whilst also showing respect for their craft.

The pentacle is not to be feared for it is a sacred representation of connection, reminding us that we are one with the elements.  Whilst an inverted pentacle is often mistakenly thought to represent evil or the darks arts such as Satanism, the truth is that it is a peaceful, positive and protective magickal symbol.

My pentacle necklace and a page from my personal Book Of Shadows

What are your thoughts on the pentacle?


Thank you for reading.

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Poet Moonsong


  1. Pentacle = earth, coins… base element synonymous with Saturn and the colours yellow and black. Everything is spiritual or has a spirituality… base matter (mater) including.
    Keep up the good work Poet Moonsong. You’re a gem.

    Liked by 2 people

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