Witchcraft Diaries | Who Am I?

Brightest blessings and welcome to Poet’s Practical Magick.

My name is Poet Moonsong and I am the mysterious witch next door.

I am the one the neighbours are wary of when they first move in but soon become good friends with over tea and tarot.

I am the one with a seasonal wreath on the front door of my house and the scent of freshly baked goods wafting from the kitchen window.

I am the one who’s pretty little black cat bathes outside in the sunshine as she keeps a watchful eye over her mistress.

I am the one with the overgrown garden full of wildflowers that all the bees and butterflies seem to visit during the day and the bats and owls by night.

I’m the one that is seen digging in her flowerbeds at all hours of the night or leaving little offerings of milk or honey in the strange circle clearing in the yard.

I am the one the local schoolchildren always visit first at Halloween for the decorations and sweets.

I am a witch.  Who are you?

© Poet Moonsong October 2019

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Poet Moonsong

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