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Full Moon Water

Brightest blessings and welcome to Poet Moonsong Online an e-resource of practical magick for the beginner modern witch.

For those of you who are new to my website, welcome, it’s lovely to meet you.  My name is Poet Moonsong and I am an empath and practicing witch.

Selenophile: (n) A person who loves the moon; Loving the moon and finding it soothingly captivating.

I am a total selenophile and one of my favourite things to do is celebrate the different phases of the moon; specifically the full and new moons.

In today’s post I thought I would share with you an introduction to moon water: what it is, how to make it and how you can use it in your practice of the Craft.


What is Moon Water?

Moon Water is water that has been charged by the light of the full moon.  It is usually made on the first night of a full moon as this when she is at her most powerful.  (The moon is believed to be feminine so most witches use she/her pronouns).


How To Make Moon Water:

  1. Choose any clear glass container that has a stopper or lid*
  2. Fill the container with water (I use filtered tap water)
  3. Go outside when it is dark and set your container down somewhere the moon’s rays can shine directly onto it
  4. Retrieve your container before the sun has a chance to shine onto it**

Tip!  I like to decorate my jar with crystals and flowers but this is optional.

*It is best to use a container with a stopper or lid to prevent insects etc from falling into your water and contaminating it.

**The sun can counteract the power of the moon.


How To Store Moon Water:

If you’re going to drink your moon water then it’s best to keep it in the fridge.  Otherwise it is best stored somewhere cool and dark so a cupboard or drawer is ideal.  Anywhere the sun cannot shine onto it is perfect.


How To Use Moon Water:

Moon Water was one of the first things I made when I became a witch and it’s still a staple ‘tool’ in my practice as it’s just so versatile.  Here are just some of the many ways it can be used:

Drinking:- Take a sip each day to empower yourself with magickal energy.

Bathing:- Add it to your bath water to cleanse your body.

Gardening:- Water your plants with it to give them a boost.

Potions and Spells:- Use as in ingredient in a potion or a spell for a little extra ‘oomph!’

I use mine in lots of different ways but I’m careful not to use it all before the next full moon as I always like to have some handy.


I would love to hear if this post has inspired you to make your own moon water!


Thank you for reading!

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Until next time, Namaste ⛥



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